Immediate, Safe Rattlesnake Removal & Snake Control

Rattlesnake Solutions is Tucson's snake removal and control experts. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we are available to remove unwanted snakes and reptiles from your property.

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We are ready to remove any snake in the Tucson area any time of day or night.

Rattlesnake Solutions specializes on rattlesnakes and how to remove them from your yard and keep unwanted snakes from returning. If you have a rattlesnake in your yard and are unsure of your options, call us any time, day or night and we are ready to help. Rattlesnakes are part of life in the Tucson area, and our years of experience safely relocating thousands of wild rattlesnakes means we've seen it all, and can likely address the real issue: why is the snake in your yard, how can this be prevented in the future, and how can I keep my family and pets safe.

Removing the snake isn't enough ...

Our field agents have hundreds or thousands of field hours searching for and studying wild rattlesnakes. This unique experience is what we bring to your yard when you call us. That means that in addition to capturing the snake to be relocated elsewhere, we can search the property to find situations that may actually be attracting snakes. Unlike city services or pest control companies, we can identify a snake track in dirt, tell if a shed skin is from a rattlesnake or not, identify feces, drag marks, and any number of signs that can lead to answers about the snake that is in your yard, why it is there, and what can be done to prevent it's return.


If you need to have a snake removed:

  • 1. Call us 24/7 at 520-308-6211
  • 2. Watch the snake We'll as some basic questions about location and the situation.
  • 3. Wait at a safe distance until we arrive.

Rattlesnake Removal Services

Rattlesnake Solutions offers completely safe, humane snake removal and relocation services to the entire Tucson area. Living in the desert means sharing habitat with local wildlife, and rattlesnakes (and other species of snake) are common visitors. We provide a solution to safely capturea and relocate snakes, without harming them and providing the best possible chance of survial after the incident is over. 24 hour snake removal services are available in the Tucson, Marana, Oro Valley, Vail, and surrounding areas.

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Snake Prevention

We know snakes better than anyone. Rattlesnake Solutions isn't a pest control company - we do one thing, and do it well: solving conflict between home owners and rattlesnakes. Our field agents are trained experts in rattlesnake behavior, habits, and life history. In addition to snake removal, we can tell you why the snake is there to begin with, and often how to prevent more from returning. A careful inspection of your property can provide information about how to reduce your chances of seeing a snake, and everything you need to know about your area and the local wildlife.

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Snakes Don't Have to Be Scary

We believe education removes fear, and work to undo the mythology surrounding Tucson's most iconic wildlife. If you have a question about rattlesnakes, no matter how obscure, we'll be happy to help. Rattlesnake Solutions snake removal efforts fund observation expeditions by field agents to find and study wild rattlesnakes, and we are happy to share this information. Even if you've just seen a snake on a trail and want to know what it is, we're here to help. Information is always free - we just like to hear about your experiences!

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What Happens to the Snakes We Capture?

We take as much care as possible to make sure that snakes we catch are treated with respect, and released back to an area that can provide as great a chance as possible for continued survival. Rattlesnakes are moved to a different area within their home range, and released to deep cover.

Rattlesnakes are an important part of the ecosystem - in the Tucson area, neighborhoods are mixed in with beautiful desert landscapes, mountain backdrops, and Sonoran habitat. The wildlife that has survived the development of the city finds a way wherever possible. For many of us that live in these areas, that means that the pool becomes a water hole, the garage becomes a cave, and all of the lush landscaping is just another place to hide, eat, and live.

In many areas, this could be as simple as a random encounter. Other homes, however, often invite snakes right in without realizing it. Decorative rock piles, water features, low, shaded plants, entryways, patios, and other features that make our yards comfortable for us, also become resources for wildlife. Any reduction in useful features by animals looking for food, water, and shelter, may decrease your chances of seeing a snake. In addition to capturing the snake, we take every effort possible to figure out why the snake is there to begin with.

Tucson is Rattlesnake Central. Be prepared.

The Tucson area is one of the most diverse in rattlesnake variety, with 6 species found in close proximity, and even more in Southern foothills.

The Western Diamondback Rattlesnake is the most common venomous snake in the Tucson area and can be found anywhere in the region. Even in parts of the city that are relatively enclosed by urban sprawl, rattlesnakes can be found along drainage corridors anywhere there is native habitat. In the flat, sandy areas to the West near Marana and Avra Valley, Mojave Rattlesnakes and Sidewinders are also very common. Tiger Rattlesnakes and Blacktailed Rattlesnakes can be found in foothills and higher elevation regions of the Santa Catalinas, Saguaro National Park and Tucson Mountain Park, especially in the foothills around Oro Valley and Catalina Foothills. At higher elevations, the Arizona Black Rattlesnake can be found, though not commonly at residences.

Free Snake Identification Services

In addition to rattlesnakes, harmless species are common. Gophersnakes, kingsnakes, and others are commonly found in yards and garages throughout the area. If you are unsure what species of snake is in your yard, email us at with a photograph and we will be able to tell you what it is. Remember, if you aren't absolutely sure what species a snake is, do not attempt to capture it.