Tucson Snake Removal & Rattlesnake Control

100% safe & humane snake removal, prevention, fencing, and information services for home owners of the Tucson area. Call any time for immediate, 24/7 snake control or to get a snake fencing quote.

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Snake Removal

100% safe & humane, we are available all-hours to relocate unwanted repitles from your home or business throughout the Tucson area. Rattlesnakes are common where neighborhoods border desert habitat, and encounters are common throughout much of the year. When pest control companies can't help, Rattlesnake Solutions is here to safely resolve your situation, without harming our native wildlife.

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Keep Snakes Away

Keeping rattlesnakes out of your yard is simple — install a snake fence to keep them out. There is nobody better in the Tucson area at installing effective rattlesnake barrier fences than Rattlesnake Solutions. We've developed our own fence installation service after relocating thousands of wild rattlesnakes. We know what they do, why they do it, and how to keep them out for good.

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Property Inspections

We're not just snake relocation specialists; the Rattlesnake Solutions team is made of avid field herpetologists, students, researchers, and reptile enthusiasts with lifetimes of experience finding and capturing rattlesnakes in the wild. We bring this experience to your yard. You'll learn what's there and how to reduce your chances for another unwanted rattlesnake encounter.

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For Immediate Rattlesnake Removal:

  • 1. Call Rattlesnake Solutions at 520-308-6211 any time of day or night.
  • 2. Keep an eye on the snake We'll ask you some questions, and be on the way right away.
  • 3. Wait for a Rattlesnake Solutions field agent to arrive and capture the snake.

Complete Snake Removal and Control in Tucson, Oro Valley, and Surrounding Areas

Rattlesnake Solutions isn't pest control or an exterminator - we're snake specialists, rattlesnake experts, and the professional service you need to remove unwanted desert wildlife from your yard or property. Rattlesnake control is an important part of safely living in the desert areas around Tucson and Oro Valley. If you see a snake that needs to be safely captured, call Rattlesnake Solutions at 520-308-6211 for immediate snake control services.

Living in the Tucson area, rattlesnake encounters are a common occurance. Rattlesnake Solutions not only captures and relocates snakes humanely, but can tell you why the snake is there to begin with. Reduction of habitat and key features that may be attracting snakes to your property can help reduce your chances of seeing another snake.

Keep Rattlesnakes away with a Snake Barrier Fence

Rattlesnake Solutions can help you keep rattlesnakes out of your yard permenantly by adding a snake fence to your existing structures. Regardless of the habitat or the number of snakes in an area, a property constructed snake fence can keep snakes away and protect your yard from rattlesnakes completely. Call 520-308-6211 or email fence@rattlesnakesolutions.com for a consultation.